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Activate Your Keys to Manifest Your Vision



If you’re ready

to make your vision real without working so hard,

Ready to take the concentrated time to Adjust and RESET so your heart and soul align in your life and work, and

Ready to Create and ACTIVATE your plan to manifest your dream with clear support from the Universe and your Spirit Guides…

Then join me and a masterful group of Dream Making entrepreneurs for a SOUL-NOURISHING 2+-day retreat in peaceful Northern California!

If you’re here today I know you want to make a big difference helping people in the world, and you’re trying to figure out how to make your business work in a way that combines your values, your passions, and your desire to create a profitable business – so you feel you are fulfilling your purpose!

I can confidently tell you that Dream Maker: Keys to Manifesting Your Vision is the answer!

It’s empowering to take time out in a beautiful location, to focus on your dreams, to envision the world as you learn new self-care practices.

It’s exciting to see your dream take concrete shape as you define your plan and then activate your manifesting process on the spot!

So – if you want to know the keys to manifesting your vision AND you want to pursue your heart-felt desires with clarity for the rest of the year, to be AT WILL and AT CHOICE – then this is the ONE event you MUST attend this year!

What Will You Gain From This Retreat?

You’ll walk away with YOUR KEYS to start manifesting your dream step-by-step –
know what’s important to you to experience,
why you’re the perfect person to do this now,
how to get from where you are to where you want to be, and
what will guide you in decision-making.

In addition, you’ll gain the CLARITY you need to finally make a greater impact with your clients by fulfilling your purpose in your life and work.

So say good-bye to overwhelm, distraction and burnout – and say hello to clarity, ease and your heart-directed action plan!

Baylan, Should I Come To This Retreat?

The answer is YES if you…
… Have a strong sense that you’re on the right track with your work yet are struggling with generating a sustainable income, or feel that something important is off

… Are serious about designing work that FEEDS YOUR SOUL and uses your unique gifts to serve your clients successfully…

Dream of creating a life of balance and ease as you expand yourself and help your clients transform…

And you’re ready to make the kind of impact and income that allows you to experience Abundance for yourself and your loved ones, so you can give back to your community with ease…

Then this is the PERFECT event for you!


Join us

for a truly transformational weekend in
the peaceful surroundings of a meditation retreat space
in Northern California.

Step away from the hustle bustle of daily life.

Be surrounded by the stillness of stone sculptures
and wood carvings from Bali and Indonesia.

Wander the eight acres as you slip into another world.

We will gather together
to go to the Well,
to look deep inside to find the answers
ONLY YOU will know.

Clear The Way!

You’ll get clear on what is important to you to experience in everything you do, and how your life experience has prepared you to be the perfect person to fulfill your purpose today.

We’ll identify what’s stopping you — old beliefs and mental/physical blocks — and learn ways to clear and manage your energy for optimal support.

We’ll connect with your spirit guides for assistance as you envision and build the life of your dreams.

Embody Your Dream!

We’ll envision the world of your dreams, and anchor it in.

You’ll explore the ways you can offer your gifts and determine who is ready to receive them.

We’ll focus on being mindfully in body with movement.

You’ll learn how sound can support you in connecting deeply, and experiencing the vibrational level you desire.

Build Your Dream!

Explore the ways you can offer your gifts.

Determine who you will serve and who is ready to receive your gifts.

Consider potential obstacles, challenges, and opportunities.

Create Your Plan of Action and we’ll show you practices for keeping on track.

Learn the Secret Manifesting Process to manifest the resources and relationships that will help you build your dream.

WHAT’S INCLUDED in YOUR Retreat Package?

* Two days of teaching and embodied experience!

* You’ll have 100% of Baylan the whole time, and others part-time, ready to facilitate your learning.

*We’ll have guided meditations/visualizations, and interactive exercises to help you access your deepest wisdom to align you on the clear path to your dreams.

* You’ll learn simple practices and knowledge that can support you in shifting your life and keeping in alignment.

* You’ll come out with a clear picture of who you are, what you offer, who you serve, how you serve them, and how you’ll find them.

* A retreat workbook and journal sheets to help you move through the weekend and weeks beyond.

*Community Meals for Friday Dinner, Saturday Lunch and Dinner, and Sunday Lunch — time with people who are sharing the experience with you as you design your new path.

* To support you in implementing your plan, you’ll be invited to become a member of our private Dream Maker Facebook group.

** BONUS: You’ll get one 30-minute session and one group Q&A call with Baylan after the retreat to help with re-entry and shifting into high gear with your dreams.


To Reserve Your Space
or for Questions
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Info & FAQs

Retreat Space & Rooms

takes place in beautiful Sebastopol, California.

Set on 8 acres of rolling hillside, we will meet in the Meditation Hall, and occasionally spread out on the extended patio. Surrounded by wood and stone carvings from Southeast Asia, we’ll have peace, quiet, and tranquility.

You’ll need to fly into the San Francisco (SFO) or Oakland (OAK) airport and take a shuttle to the retreat space.

The retreat center has very limited rooms, and there are several B&Bs and motels within a short driving distance. For those wanting to sleep outdoors, there are campsites available onsite.

Our event starts on Friday evening at 6pm and ends on Sunday at 6pm. Make sure you arrive ready to dive in!


Q: What if I’m just starting my business? Is this retreat for me?
A: Whether you’re a seasoned businessperson, or if you’re just starting out, you will need the skills and knowledge that we’re teaching in this retreat. This gathering is offered specifically to get you on track and to keep you focused on what is of deep value and meaning for you – something that is constantly challenged as you run your business each day.

Q: I’ve already done coaching with you. Why do I need to come to the retreat?
A: This retreat will realign you with what feeds your core, and give you deeper insight into many elements along the way. There’s so much juiciness and resource shared in the discussions that is very different from our private sessions.

Q: I want a roommate – how can I arrange that?
A: If you want to share a room, let me know as soon as possible.

Q: Can I stay at another hotel?
A: We will start at 6pm on Friday, 10am on Saturday, and at 9am on Sunday.

I suggest staying close by so you can get as much time with us as possible, and so you can stay “in the juice” of the retreat. Traveling 1-1 1/2 hours in the morning and evening with intense sessions in between can be tiring and make it harder for you to get the most out of the retreat.

Q: I have a special diet – can you accommodate me?
A: We usually have use of the kitchen, and make meal arrangements.

Please bring something to share at the communal table. If you have a special diet, please bring what you need. There are two refrigerators available.


Who You Are, What You Do, and How You Serve
Inspiration, Guides, Tools and Support to Build Your Dreams

Hi! I’m Baylan Megino

and like many of you I’m a heart-based entrepreneur – a spiritual mentor, professional coach, speaker, and circle leader.

I’m also the owner of WLA Global – a marketing and business strategy consultancy specializing in helping entrepreneurs get their work and message out into the world in ways that align heart, mind, and soul expression.

The team gathered for this retreat brings depth and mastery in assisting body, mind and spirit through sound, energy, visualization, meditation, aromatherapy, movement, and spirit connections.

We LOVE guiding and supporting you through to experience and know your deepest wisdom!


the DREAM MAKER KEYS for Manifesting

- Be the Dream Maker of your life with confidence and clarity.

- Put your self-care first so you are more balanced and more of you is available to your family and clients.

- Know what to do to stay on plan, and avoid distractions and burnout.


- be RESTED,
- be CLEAR on your dream,
- be READY WITH YOUR PLAN to move forward,
- have experience with SIMPLE WAYS to support your body, mind and spirit, and
- have your Plan ACTIVATED for the next leg of your journey!

*** This is literally going to change your ENTIRE business! ***

  • Spirit
  • Body & Environment
  • Work & Business


Creating An Experience Supporting Body, Mind and Spirit
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White Light Associate
Baylan helps bring clarity and organization to the mental clutter so you align your heart’s desires, values and authentic voice in your life and business. She is a spirit-based professional coach and marketing consultant trained in several healing modalities.
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Laurie Ratto, RN

Change Agent for Health Care
Laurie is passionate about helping women to heal physical and emotional pain using holistic therapies and to experience more vitality and joy. She empowers you with techniques you can use on yourself and others that address the mind, body and spirit for whole healing.


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